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Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling, also known as Spinning®, is becoming increasingly popular. This is no surprise, because the benefits of indoor cycling are enormous. Not only in terms of your physical health, but also if you want to feel mentally stronger. Indoor cycling not only helps you achieve a healthy body weight. You will feel fitter, healthier, and your immune system will be strengthened. Are you looking for a training where you stay in control, but where you are also guided by a trainer? Then indoor cycling might be for you!

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Benefits of Indoor Cycling

1. Effective way of losing weight

Indoor Cycling is an intense workout with which you can burn a lot of calories if you do it right. During a one-hour Indoor Cycling workout, you can burn anything from 400–900 calories depending on your weight, height, gender, and experience. It’s a very effective way of burning a lot of fat in a short amount of time, so many people start Indoor Cycling for this reason. Did you know they connect with each other through the Strava app?

2. Better fitness

Indoor Cycling relies on both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This means you’ll increase both your endurance/stamina and your speed/power. Your cardiovascular fitness is improved because your heart rate remains high during the entire workout. If your fitness is good, you are less likely to be tired and you often feel better mentally. You reap the benefits in everyday life, even when you’re not exercising.

3. Improved cardiac and pulmonary function

When you follow an Indoor Cycling class, your heart pumps faster and it also pumps more blood around. You breathe more air in and out. So you train your heart and lungs and improve their condition. So by cycling regularly, you can significantly improve your cardiac and pulmonary function. You will notice that your overall fitness improves rapidly, you have more energy and your blood pressure drops. And who doesn’t want a fit(ter) body?

4. No problems with the weather

Venturing outside in the dead of night isn’t an ideal situation and rain, wind, hail, or snow in the winter months can cause you to change your training schedule regularly. With Indoor Cycling, you exercise indoors, so you’re not dependent on the weather. This also means you can’t use this as an excuse to skip a workout…

5. Lower stress levels and better immune system

An Indoor Cycling workout gives you a true endorphin boost. Yes, that’s the substance that makes you feel so good after a hard workout. The neurotransmitters in your brain ensure lower stress levels, a better immune system and a good mood – and if your partner/housemate/kids/parents need any persuasion to buy you a bike, the promise of a perma happy existence should do it.

6. Strong/sculpted legs

The push/pull motion of cycling will increase the muscle tone in quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. Cellulite is reduced and so if you’re looking for sculpted pins and a peachy derrière hop on your bike! Your lower body strength will hugely increase, so small things like getting up from the sofa or squatting down to pick something up will become a walk in the park.

7. Control your own training

Morning or evening, you decide when you train and how tough your workout is. You can decide to stay seated when the trainer stands up or vice versa. Or you can lower the resistance temporarily without someone checking to see if you’re taking a little break! If you are just starting Indoor Cycling, it is advisable to listen carefully to your body. Don’t overdo it…

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8. less strenuous for the joints

Indoor cycling is not very strenuous on hips, knees and ankles, especially when compared to running. Do you have an injury or are you a bit older? Even then, cycling is a good substitute for cardio training.

9. improved muscle strength

Indoor cycling classes are great for strengthening the muscles in your core and lower body. The pedaling motion directly targets the leg muscles, while proper posture on the bike works the abdominal muscles and lower back. Faster, low-intensity pedaling promotes muscle development, while slower, higher-intensity pedaling strengthens your muscles.

10. efficient

Of course, there are many more ways to do indoor cycling. Here you will find many instructions on how to diversify your indoor cycling workout. There are many instructions that will allow you to work out when you want to. If you have young children, you can schedule workouts in between work days. Indoor cycling is an effective and time-saving method of exercise because you don’t have to figure out a route or drive out of town to keep cycling. From desk to bike to shower, you can get a fantastic workout in less than an hour.

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What equipment do I need to fully experience the benefits of indoor cycling?

To start Indoor Cycling workouts from CycleMasters, you first need a stationary bike. You can then play the workouts on a cell phone, tablet, PC or cast to a TV via Chromecast.

How long should I be cycling to experience the full benefits of indoor cycling?

It depends. Do you already exercise regularly and have good basic fitness? Then you will get used to the exercises that are performed during a workout a little faster than when you are just starting out. In general, provided you train regularly, after about three weeks you will start to notice that you are getting the hang of the classes. Are you training for weight loss? Then you have to deal with other factors that determine whether you will see results quickly.

Does indoor cycling lead to better performance in real life?

Even though the background of Indoor Cycling is in fitness, many cyclists do experience the benefits of Indoor Cycling. They mainly use the workouts to alternate their longer road trips with shorter, intensive workouts. In addition, they can often be found on their indoor cycling bike when the weather is bad or when they want to follow just different exercises to strengthen their muscles.

How do I find the right training program to take full advantage of indoor cycling?

If you want to get on your bike at home, CycleMasters’ workouts are suitable. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your condition or strengthen your muscles. You will always find an Indoor Cycling workout that fits your goals. There are also composed programs to help you train to your goals.

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