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virtual workoutsin your fitnessclub, company or hotel

The best virtual workouts with world-class trainers in your gym or corporate fitness space. Available online 24/7.

At any time of the day

Give people the opportunity to take an Indoor Cycling workout at any time of the day. Available for Fitness clubs, Companies with fitness facilities, Hotels, and Physiotherapists.

There is always a motivated trainer available

In our collection, you’ll find workouts with world-class trainers. They’re available at any time of the day and motivated for an energetic workout.

A huge collection of workouts to choose from

There are hundreds of workouts available with variations in length and intensity. You can choose from Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Stretch, and Strength workouts.

Perfect for any situation; from tablet or TV to videowall

Check out the workouts on a tablet, TV, or projector/videowall. The workouts are streamed online so expensive investments aren’t necessary.

A Large Collection of Workouts

Join us on a journey to the most beautiful destinations with our Scenic Rides or follow a Bootcamp Ride, where you alternate cycling workouts with exercises off the bike. In the mood for a party? Try a Beat Ride. Alternate your Cycling workouts with challenging Strength Workouts or find relaxation with Stretch & Relax sessions.

Scenic Ride

Turn your workout into an experience and bring the outdoors inside with one of our Scenic Rides.

Bootcamp Ride

Combine Cardio and Strength in the Bootcamp Rides. Start on the bike and finish your workout off the bike.

Beat Ride

Get carried away by the music and energy of our Beat Rides, where we combine party and fitness.


Improve your strength and stability with our selection of short workouts, perfect for alternating with your cycling sessions.


Give yourself a moment of balance and flexibility with our Stretch & Relax workouts, designed to upgrade both body and mind.

Popular in fitness clubs All around the world

CycleMasters’ workouts are followed by tens of thousands of individuals globally. Numerous clubs have chosen CycleMasters and appreciate the extra benefit of virtual classes. From small boutique studios, fitness facility companies to large chains.

Affordable for Every Budget

Would you like to offer CycleMasters at your club or company fitness space? You can do so with a business license from CycleMasters. This can be easily arranged online through our website. Need more options or assistance with AV installation? Contact one of our partners.

DirectlyVia CycleMasters

Based in the Netherlands and producer of the CycleMasters workouts. You can offer the workouts online through the website or with the iOS/Android app.

+ Perfect for single clubs, companies with an in-house gym, or small chains with their own hardware

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Via Our PartnerWexer

Wexer from Denmark offers a digital platform with advanced integrations. They work with 4000+ fitness clubs in over 50 countries.

+ Great for larger chains. Wexer Virtual, Web Player/App & SDK/API solutions

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Via Our PartnerFunxtion

FunXtion from Amsterdam offers a multifunctional solution to optimize the use of space in your club, with the option to fully customize it in your brand’s style.

+ Great for bigger chains. Virtual Player, Multiscreen Solution & MemberApp solutions

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Group classOf Single User?

Provide your members with access to individual training sessions anywhere by using a tablet holder on the bike. If you have additional space, you can also offer group fitness sessions with multiple bikes in a designated area.

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The business solution for fitness clubs, personal training studios, physiotherapists, or companies with in-house fitness facilities.

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The business solution for fitness clubs, personal training studios, physiotherapists, or companies with in-house fitness facilities.


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Do you have questions about hardware, implementation, or need advice? Then contact us now.

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Thousands of satisfied users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have the answers

What do I need to get started?

For offering our workouts, it’s essential to have a suitable device to stream the workouts. A convenient option for this is a tablet. With a tablet, you can easily watch and follow the workouts. Additionally, a tablet allows you to connect it to other devices, such as a television or projector.

What lessons are included in the collection?

Our collection offers a wide range of workouts, such as Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Strength, and Stretch. We have various trainers with different training lengths and intensity, providing a lot of variety.

When do I need a business license?

For business locations like fitness clubs, physiotherapists, hotels, governments, and companies with a fitness room, a business license from Cyclemasters is required. This license provides unlimited access to the full collection.

What does a business license cost?

A business license for online workouts is available from 69 euros per month. With this license, you can offer unlimited online workouts. If you need more advanced technical connections or AV connections, we can put you in touch with our partners.

How often is the offer updated?

We aim to launch new workouts weekly. During the summer months, the frequency is slightly lower than in the fall and winter months.

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