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Available day and night, our instructors are always super motivated and ready to assist you with workouts to help you achieve your goals 24/7.

Cycling instructor Padraig Clyne

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and healthy lifestyle

Exercise should be an experience. At the end of your workout, you want to feel tired but satisfied and look forward to the next session. Together, we work on our fitness, focus on fat burning, and strive for a fitter lifestyle.

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Weeklyadded Workouts

Indoor Cycling or Strength workout, low or high intensity. Every week we expand our collection with new workouts. This way, you can work on your fitness and weight management every week with new and challenging workouts, while also keeping your favorite workout available to follow again later.

Exercise with The Whole Family

With our ‘Family’ Plan, up to 4 family members can exercise under one account. This way, everyone maintains their own progress and preferences. Work together with the whole family on your fitness goals.

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The benefits of
Indoor Cycling & CycleMasters

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These features make the difference

We understand the importance of having workouts that meet your needs. But we also want you to have a great experience with our app and website. That’s why there are handy features that help you not only during your workout but also beyond.

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Connect yourBluetooth HR-Sensor

Your heart rate is an important factor in determining if you are following the workouts at the right intensity. Connect your heart rate strap, sports watch, or Apple Watch via Bluetooth to our app and receive additional information about the heart rate zones you are exercising in directly on your screen.

A digital smartwatch displaying a heart rate of 72 bpm on its screen, set against a dark background during an indoor cycling session. The watch has a sleek black design with a matching strap and features

Close your rings withThe Apple Watch app

Do you use an Apple Watch? Then you’ll want your activities to be recorded in Apple Health. With our Apple Watch app, you can see your heart rate values on the screen during the class and your activity will be synchronized with Apple Health right after the class ends. This way, a CycleMasters workout counts towards closing your activity rings.

A smartphone displaying a fitness app with a heart rate monitor graph for indoor cycling. It showcases average and maximum heart rates and durations for peak cardio and fat burn.

View and saveyour results

View your results via Strava, Google Fit, or Apple Health. Do you enjoy tracking your performance and reviewing it later? We integrate with some of the most popular health apps so you can not only find your progress in our app but also on your favorite platform.

Chromecastto a Big Screen

Our workouts can be played on a tablet, mobile, or laptop. But for an even better experience, you can easily cast the workouts to your TV via Google Chromecast.

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A smartphone displaying a fitness app with different workout programs such as "summer body" and "indoor cycling," along with other categories like "newest" and "most followed." The interface is predominantly

Achieve your goalswith programs

Don’t feel like searching for a workout yourself? With our training programs, you can follow a series of workouts over several weeks that are tailored to the goal you want to achieve.

Find your WorkoutWith Filters

We have many workouts to choose from, so we understand that it can sometimes be challenging to find the workout you’re looking for. With our extensive filtering options, you can make your search much easier and always find the workout that suits you.

Smartphone displaying an indoor cycling fitness app interface with filters for "intensity" and "duration", set to average intensity and various duration options, using a black and yellow color scheme.

Why CycleMasters?

We believe that exercise should be accessible. That’s why you can find our Rides not only in the gym but also at home. This allows you to start a class at any time of the day, whether you prefer to exercise in the morning, evening, or even in the middle of the night. That’s why we offer not just advanced workouts but also workouts for beginners, ensuring you can always work towards the best version of yourself. And our team of international instructors is here to help you with this. Because at CycleMasters, it’s not just us; it’s our instructors and you!

Indoor Cycling
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No bike yet?Discover Bike+

With the Bike+ membership from CycleMasters, we make Indoor Cycling accessible to everyone. Combine the CycleMasters membership with a bike for home use and exercise at an attractive monthly rate. Includes unlimited access to the complete workout collection from CycleMasters.