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Discover Bike+Starting From Just €29,99/Month

Start your home fitness journey with Bike+ for only €29.99 a month. This beginner-friendly bike and our tailored workouts support your growth, all with a manageable 12-month commitment.

What is Bike+?

Bike+ is the perfect all-in-one solution for those who want to work out at home. With Bike+, you get an Indoor Cycling bike + access to a huge collection of workouts for a fixed monthly fee.

Indoor Cycling Bike

Choose one of the two available bike models. Both Indoor Cycling bikes are perfect for home use.

CycleMasters Membership

You get access to all Indoor Cycling, Strength, and Yoga workouts. You can follow the workouts on your tablet, laptop, or via the TV.

Choose Your Bike

With the Bike+ membership, you can choose between two bikes. Will you opt for the entry-level bike for beginners or take it up a notch? The decision is yours!

Perfect for beginners

FitBike Race 4

An excellent Indoor Cycle for the beginner home athlete. This bike has a nice black design with red accents.

€29,99 / month
Including Subscription

A black fit bike with a "best reviewed jan 2023" tag, featuring adjustable elements and displayed on a plain background.

Professional quality for home use

FitBike Race Magnetic Pro

Top quality and suitable for professional use. This indoor bike has a beautiful design and features the best technology.

€49,99 / month
Including Subscription

Your Bike+

Select your preferred bike and gain access to our app featuring a vast assortment of workouts. Pay a set monthly fee for bike rental and app usage.

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Race 4
Race Magnetic Pro
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This Is How It Works

Getting started is simple! With just a few steps, you can have a top-quality bike and a huge collection of workouts right at home.

Step 1

Register to Begin

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Step 2

We deliver the bike to your home.

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Step 3

Assemble your bike easily by yourself

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Step 4

Start your first workout right away

What is included in a membership?

YourPersonal Coach

Available day and night, our instructors are always super motivated and ready to assist you with workouts to help you achieve your goals 24/7.


Do you have questions? We have the answers

The membership

How does the Bike+ membership work?

With the Bike+ membership, you can rent a bike for home and get access to our app with all the workouts. Bike+ is an all-in-one solution for working out at home for a fixed monthly fee.

Which workouts can I follow?

With a CycleMasters membership, you can follow all workouts from our complete collection. Here you will find different types of Indoor Cycling workouts, Strength workouts, and relaxing workouts like Yoga and stretching exercises.

Can I just rent the bike without a CycleMasters membership?

No, that’s not possible. The Bike+ membership is a complete package that includes a bike and workouts.

What is the duration of the membership?

The Bike+ membership has a minimum duration of 12 months and can be cancelled monthly afterwards. If you cancel the membership, we will come pick up the bike at your home again.

Can I rent the bike for a shorter period of time?

Building a habit and achieving goals takes time. Therefore, it’s not possible to rent the bike for less than 1 year. This way, we can also keep the price as low as possible.

The bikes

Which bike is the best fit for me?

You can choose between the FitBike Race 4 or the FitBike Race Magnetic Pro. Both bikes are perfect for home use and are highly rated. The Race 4 is a perfect entry-level model for beginners. The Race Magnetic Pro has slightly different features such as a higher maximum user weight and is heavier and therefore a bit more stable. Here you can find an overview of all specifications.

What are the specifications of the bikes?

You can find an overview of all the specifications of the bikes here.

Can I purchase these bikes instead of renting?

Yes, that’s possible. You can also buy this (and other) bikes separately in our shop.

Delivery & Returns

When will my bike be delivered?

The bike you’ve chosen will usually be delivered to your home within a few days.

What are the delivery costs?

The bike you’ve chosen will usually be delivered to your home within a few days.

Is the bike delivered fully assembled?

No, when the bike is delivered you will still need to put it together yourself. This way we can keep the monthly cost as low as possible and we don’t have to charge you for assembly service. The assembly is easy and can often be done within 15-20 minutes with the included manual.

What are the return policies?

The bike can be returned within 14 days after delivery. If you return it within the 14 days, you only pay for the return costs. If you cancel the membership after the first 12 months, the bike will be picked up for free at your home.

The perfect all-in-one solutionto work out at home

Work on your personal goals at home with cardio workouts, strength training, and relaxation exercises. Early in the morning, while the kids are sleeping, or in the evening after work? You decide!

FitBike Race 4 - The Perfect Beginner Bike

A black stationary exercise bike+ branded "fit bike race 4" with a red and white "best reviewed Jan 2023" tag attached at the top. The bike+ features adjustable seat and


  • Crank: 3-part
  • Drive: V-belt
  • Double ball bearings: Yes
  • Flywheel weight: 6 kg
  • Maintenance-free: Yes
  • Level adjustable: No
  • Resistance adjustable: Manually
  • Resistance system: Magnetic
  • Saddle adjustable: Click system
  • Steering adjustable: Click system
  • Type of pedal system: Continuous
  • Type of pedals: Toe clips
  • Program functions
  • Display reading: Distance, Calorie consumption
  • User profiles: Yes
  • Heart rate monitoring: Hand sensors
  • Coupling with heart rate monitor possible: No
  • Heart rate monitor included: No
  • Included cycling computer: Yes
  • Dimensions and Weight
    Weight: 28 kg
  • Maximum loadable weight: 100 kg
  • Max. body length: 185 cm
  • Dimensions: 102 x 51 x 105 cm


The FitBike Race 4 is a high-quality Indoor Cycle offered at a very competitive price. Its resistance is controlled by a powerful magnet positioned above the 6 kg flywheel. The V-Belt drive system ensures that the FitBike Race 4 operates almost silently.


The new FitBike Race 4 is an excellent Indoor Cycle for novice home athletes. This Indoor bike features a sleek black design with red accents. With its own weight of 28 kg, this Indoor Cycle is sturdy, ensuring stability during your home workout.

Unlike most indoor bikes in this price range, the resistance of the Race 4 is not determined by a felt block but by a strong magnet. By turning the resistance knob on the frame, the position of the magnet relative to the flywheel changes, adjusting the resistance up or down. This innovative technology allows for more precise resistance control, requires minimal maintenance, and operates silently. Unlike mechanical devices where friction between parts often leads to wear, this device does not experience such issues, making the FitBike Race 4 a durable machine.

Resistance & Drive

The FitBike Race 4 is driven by a V-belt, ensuring a smooth and quiet pedaling motion. This feature allows you to train at home anytime without disturbing others.

Close-up view of the base of a stationary exercise bike, featuring a stabilizer bar with attached wheels and screws on a black metal frame.
Close-up of a black stationary exercise bike focusing on the mechanism and branding. the frame and partial wheel are visible, emphasizing the bike's sturdy build.
Close-up of a black bicycle seat mounted on an adjustable seat post with measurement markings, highlighting the seat adjustment mechanism.

Ergonomic design

The FitBike Race4’s racing saddle can be adjusted to different positions using a click system. The Indoor Cycle’s handlebars are also adjustable in height. This allows you to maintain a proper ergonomic posture while exercising and enables the Indoor bike to be used by different individuals. The adjustable toe clips allow you to secure your feet in the pedals, preventing them from slipping off during training. Moreover, the toe clips help you maximize your muscle strength. In addition to pushing down on the pedals, you can also pull up, creating a powerful cycling motion.

Bluetooth connection

The FitBike Race 4 stands out with its Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to connect the Indoor Cycle to your smartphone or tablet. This enables you to utilize various (sports) apps on your own smart device. Additionally, the FitBike Race 4 is equipped with sensors in the resistance system that can transmit Wattage, a feature uncommon in manually resistant bikes, especially in this price range!

Please note: Bluetooth pairing with the CycleMasters app will be possible from mid to late 2024.


The Race 4 handlebar hand sensors measure your heart rate. The Indoor Cycle is equipped with a standard training computer. You can read your training data on this computer, including:

  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Calorie consumption
  • Heart rate.

FitBike Race Magnetic pro - Professional quality at home


  • Crank: 3-parts
  • Drive: V-belt
  • Double ball bearings: Yes
  • Flywheel weight: 22 kg
  • Maintenance-free: Yes
  • Level adjustable: Yes
  • Resistance adjustable: Manual
  • Resistance system: Magnetic
  • Saddle adjustable: Click system
  • Steering adjustable: Per millimeter
  • Type of pedal system: Through pedal
  • Type of pedals: Combo pedals (SPD and toe clips)
  • Display function: –
  • User profiles: Yes
  • Heart Rate Measurement: No
  • Heart rate monitor connection possible: No
  • Heart rate monitor included: No
  • Including bike computer: No
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Maximum loadable weight: 150 kg
  • Max. body length: 185 cm
  • Dimensions: 125 x 62 x 132 cm


The Race Magnetic Pro is a high-quality top bike with an ergonomic design suitable for professional use. Its resistance is determined by a strong magnet positioned above the 22 kg heavy flywheel. Additionally, the Race Magnetic Pro comes with SPD pedals and toe clip pedals. Due to these features, the Indoor Cycle Race Magnetic Pro has been voted the best-rated indoor bike in the Netherlands by consumers on Kieskeurig.nl 8 times.


The name Race Magnetic Pro speaks for itself. Top quality and suitable for professional use, this indoor bike features a stunning design and incorporates cutting-edge technology. The first thing you notice is its modern and powerful design. The beautifully designed chain guard with urban lettering and the extremely thick flywheel combined with the circular frame give this indoor cycle a rugged character. The black and yellow color scheme will remind many indoor cycling enthusiasts of details commonly seen in cycling sports. This indoor cycle, a true gem, will certainly be a stylish addition to your home.

In addition to its beautiful design, the Race Magnetic Pro is also very strong and stable. With its weight of 61 kg, it can be used very intensively. The Race Magnetic Pro can support a user weight of up to 150 kg. All moving parts are equipped with industrial ball bearings, and the crankset, which is similar to a regular sports bike, consists of 3 separate parts (axle, crank, and pedal). The Race Magnetic Pro is perfect for the ambitious home athlete.

Resistance & Drive

The Magnetic Pro Race is driven by an industrial V-Belt. One of the main advantages of an industrial V-Belt compared to a chain is the difference in noise. A V-Belt operates completely silently, whereas a chain drive is relatively noisy.

Close-up of a part of a black and yellow exercise bike labeled 'race magnetic pro', focusing on a curved metallic component.
Close-up of a black bicycle saddle mounted on an adjustable seat post, with a visible quick-release lever. the post is attached to a part of the bike frame with a yellow accent.
Close-up of an emergency stop button on a piece of machinery, labeled "press to stop" with a visible arrow and red and yellow color accents.

Ergonomic design

The FitBike Race Magnetic Pro can be adjusted to fit the user’s height and preferences in all positions. The specially designed racing saddle can be adjusted to 9 different heights using a pop-in system, ensuring it remains stable even under heavy load. The saddle can also be adjusted horizontally using a sliding mechanism, allowing for precise adjustments down to the millimeter.

In addition to the saddle, the handlebars can be fully customized to the user’s body length. The handlebar height can be adjusted to 5 positions using a pop-in system, while the horizontal position can be finely adjusted by the millimeter. The ergonomic handlebar features multiple grips for changing hand positions and has a diameter of 32mm, equipped with an EVA grip.

The best technique

The resistance of most indoor bikes is determined by a felt block. The degree to which the felt block presses against the flywheel determines whether the resistance becomes heavier or lighter. However, the resistance of the Race Magnetic Pro is modified by a strong magnet. By turning the resistance knob on the frame, the position of the magnet relative to the flywheel changes. This innovative technology has the advantage of allowing for more precise resistance control. Additionally, a magnetic resistance system requires little maintenance and is completely silent (advantages over a felt system).

The combination of the 22 kg heavy flywheel and the strong magnetic resistance system allows you to train with the Race Magnetic Pro up to 600 Watts!


The indoor bike is equipped with a combination of SPD pedals and toe clip pedals. These steel pedals can withstand a high level of resistance. The SPD and toe clip system allows you to secure your feet in the pedal, enabling you to exert power not only with a downward pedal stroke (pushing) but also with an upward motion (pulling).