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Terms and Conditions

CycleMasters offers services on a membership basis. It provides, among other things, access to fitness videos (‘CycleMasters Content’). The content can be streamed to devices which are connected to the internet, such as certain Smart TVs, Computers, and other (mobile) devices. The CycleMasters Service is offered by CycleMasters B.V., a privately held Dutch company with limited liability, situated on 26, Jan van der Heydenstraat, Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK) under the number: 74468065.

Usage of the CycleMasters services is subject to our Terms and Conditions. When we use the term ‘CycleMasters Service’, we’re referring to the services provided by CycleMasters concerning discovering and watching CycleMasters Content. This includes the website, user interfaces, and all features, reviews, and recommendations. This also includes all content, apps and software connected to our service.

1 General

Your CycleMasters membership will be continued on a monthly basis until it’s cancelled by you. You will need to have access to the internet and own a CycleMasters compatible device in order to use the CycleMasters Service. You will also need to confirm a valid, approved payment method. The payment method may be amended from time to time. When agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you grant us permission to deduct your membership fees on a monthly basis for the subsequent month via the selected payment method, unless you cancel your membership before the billing date. You can find specific details concerning your membership on the CycleMasters website under the heading ‘My account’.

2 Free Trial Period

2.1. In some cases your CycleMasters membership will start with a free trial period. The duration of the free trial period for your CycleMasters membership is 7 days, unless indicated differently. This free trial period is meant to offer new and—in some cases—former members the opportunity to try the service.

2.2. In order to prevent abuse of the offer, CycleMasters will determine at its own discretion whether you’re eligible for a free trial period. The applicable criteria may be amended. We reserve the right to retract and to block a free trial period if it becomes apparent that you’re not eligible. Persons who have an existing or a recent CycleMasters membership aren’t eligible for a free trial period. We will be able to determine your eligibility through the data used for an existing or a recent CycleMasters account, such as the device ID or an email address. Restrictions might apply to combinations with other offers.

3 Billing

3.1. The membership fees for the CycleMasters Service and any other costs related to your usage—such as taxes or potential transaction costs—are deducted on a monthly basis. This takes place on the calendar day on which your paid membership went into effect. In certain cases we’re able to amend the payment date, for example, if we were unable to deduct an amount on a date specified by you or when your paid membership has gone into effect on a day which doesn’t occur in a certain month. On our website, go to the page ‘My Account’ and click on the link ‘Billing Information’ in order to see the payment date.

3.2. On our website we offer the option to amend your payment method. Go to ‘My Account’ to find this option. In case of an unsuccessful payment, for example because of insufficient credit or expiration of the due date, we may deny access to the Cycle Masters service. This measure will remain in force until we have received a valid selection of payment method from you. When you select a payment method, you grant us permission to deduct your membership fees on a monthly basis via the payment method of your choice. You remain personally responsible for any unsuccessful payments. Please note that the monthly billing date may change as a consequence of unsuccessful payments. Also, some payment methods involve additional costs, for example, costs related to exchange rates or other processing costs. The provider of these services can provide you with more information on this subject.

3.3. Your CycleMasters membership can be cancelled at any time. After cancellation, you will be able to access the CycleMasters Service until the end of your monthly billing period. We do not offer refunds or credit for unwatched CycleMasters Content or partial membership periods. If you decide to cancel your CycleMasters membership, you can do so on our website. Simply go to the page called ‘My Account’, and follow the instructions. If you cancel your membership, we will automatically close your account at the end of your current billing period. Please consult our website to find out when your account will be closed. Go to ‘My Account’, and consult the ‘Billing Information’ to see on what day your account will be closed. Please note that, if you’ve selected a third party as a payment method and you want to cancel your account, you may have to contact the third party concerned in order to close your account. In most cases, you’ll need to cancel ‘Automatic extension’ on our website of with the party concerned. In the billing information section, you can also consult the billing information for your CycleMasters account at any time.

3.4. We may amend our memberships and service fees from time to time. These amendments won’t come into force until at least 30 days after notification.

4 CycleMasters-service

4.1. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a CycleMasters membership, or an adult by law in province, region or country. The use of our service by minors is only permitted under supervision of an adult.

4.2. During the period of your CycleMasters membership, we will grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited licence for watching and using the CycleMasters Content. All content consumed through the CycleMasters Service is exclusively intended for personal, non-commercial use. Apart from this limited licence, no benefits, ownership or rights are transferred to you. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree not to use the service for any public displays such as, for instance, showing the classes or any other CycleMasters Content in a fitness centre.

4.3. The available content and, for example, the number of devices on which you can watch the content, can depend on your geographic location and your chosen type of membership. CycleMasters Content may only be watched in the country where you opened your account and on locations where we offer our services and provided you with the licenced content. Furthermore, the available content is subject to change.

4.4. The CycleMasters Service, which includes the content catalogue, is amended on a regular basis by CycleMasters. We continuously test varying aspects of our Service—among which our website, user interface, promotions and the availability of CycleMasters Content—in order to optimize the user experience.

4.5. In addition to the customary CycleMasters Content online, we also offer certain offline content. You can temporarily download this content on certain supported devices (‘Offline Titles’). Your chosen membership type will determine, among other things, the maximum number of devices which can include Offline Titles, the duration of availability, the number of Offline Titles per device, and the replay period.

4.6. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to use the CycleMasters Service, including all connected features and provisions, in compliance with all applicable laws, decrees and measurements, including all related restrictions on the usage and public display of the CycleMasters Service or Content. In addition, you agree not to change, distribute, multiply, archive, display, execute, publish, license, sell, use, or make derivative works of information or content which has been obtained from or through the CycleMasters Service (except when explicit permission has been granted in these Terms and Conditions). You also agree not to remove, override, amend, restrict, deactivate, or impede the content protection of the CycleMasters Service; to use no spiders, scraper, robots or other automated means to obtain access to the CycleMasters Service; not to decompile, disassemble, or subject any software, products or other services accessible through the CycleMasters Service to reverse engineering; not to introduce code or products in any way nor to manipulate CycleMasters Content. In addition, you declare to not use any methods for data mining, data extraction, or data collection. Furthermore, you agree not to place, email, upload, or otherwise send or transfer any material with the intention to disrupt, restrict, or otherwise prevent the functioning of the communication equipment, computer software or hardware in relation to the CycleMasters Service. This includes software viruses or other computer programs, files, or code. We preserve the right to limit or terminate usage of our service, should you violate these Terms and Conditions or if you use the service in a fraudulent or illegal manner.

4.7. In respect of the default replay settings, any content which is played by means of mobile networks will not be shown in HD-quality. An internet connection with a minimum speed of 0.5 Mbps is required in order to play CycleMasters Content in SD quality. However, we recommend a higher speed for higher video quality. For HD content (defined as: a resolution of 720p or higher) a minimum download speed of 5.0 Mbps per stream is required. The starting time for CycleMasters Content depends on various factors, among which, your location, the configuration of your (CycleMasters compatible) device, the selected content and the bandwidth available at that particular moment. Several conditions will influence the image quality of CycleMasters Content, including; the device used, the available bandwidth, the speed of your internet connection, and your location. The same conditions can also restrict the availability of HD-quality. Some content is not available in all image qualities, and not all membership types offer the possibility to watch content in all image qualities. You are responsible for any potential costs incurred to obtain internet access. Please contact your internet provider for more information on the costs of using internet data.

4.8. Updates to the CycleMasters software are required from time to time in order to guarantee maximum user experience. Both the software and the regular updates have been developed by or for CycleMasters and are designed to watch CycleMasters Content on compatible devices. The features and provisions of the CycleMasters software can vary based on the device. You agree to receive automatically amended versions of the CycleMasters software and any associated software from third parties. You acknowledge that using the CycleMasters Service might involve software from third parties which is subject to licences of those third parties.

5 Passwords and Account Access

To maintain control over the account and to prevent others from accessing it, the member who created the CycleMasters Account and who pays the membership fees through the payment method of their choice (the ‘Account Owner’), has to maintain control over all CycleMasters compatible devices through which the service can be accessed. He or she is not allowed to share the password or any information regarding the payment method related to the account with anybody else. You are responsible for providing us with correct information regarding your account, and for amending this information when necessary. We may (temporarily) block or remove your account in order to protect you, CycleMasters, and our partners against identity theft or any other fraudulent activities.

6 Intellectual Property Rights

6.1. All intellectual property rights and similar rights protecting information related to the website (incl. standard amendments and updates), databanks, documentation, equipment or materials, are exclusively owned by CycleMasters.

6.2. All intellectual property rights drawn up by CycleMasters or made available to you within the context of the provision of services, are reserved by CycleMasters or its licensors.

6.3. You may only reproduce, publicise, and copy services provided or made available by CycleMasters after having obtained explicit permission of CycleMasters.

7 Liability

7.1. You’re personally responsible for any use of the service. CycleMasters can never be held responsible for any damage you may cause to yourself or to third parties, either during the execution of actions described on the website or while using materials which are mentioned on the website.

7.2. Information and services displayed on the website may contain technical discrepancies and/or typing mistakes. A lot of care has been put into compiling the information and data placed on the website. Nevertheless, it can happen that the website contains errors or flaws. CycleMasters cannot be held responsible for damage as a consequence of these irregularities and/or flaws, problems caused by, or inherent to the usage of the website, nor for any technical failures.

7.3. CycleMasters does not guarantee that the website will be accessible at all times and without any interruptions or disruptions. CycleMasters aims to maintain accessibility to the services 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. However, CycleMasters may interrupt the accessibility from time to time, for example for maintenance work, updates, and/or any other technical reasons.

7.4. CycleMasters cannot be held reliable for any damages you may have suffered as a consequence of the interruptions described in paragraph 3 of this Article, unless CycleMasters is responsible for an interruption of an unreasonable length.

7.5. CycleMasters cannot be held responsible for any copy, image material, data or files placed onto the website by other members.

7.6. CycleMasters can never be held responsible for any physical trauma which originated while using the service.

7.7. CycleMasters can never be held responsible for indirect damage, including consequential damage.

7.8. Should CycleMasters be held responsible, the responsibility on account of CycleMasters for every event (whereby a range of connected events counts as one single event) will be limited to the actual fees paid by you to CycleMasters.

8 Miscellaneous

8.1. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Dutch Law. The conditions described in these Terms and Conditions do not represent any restriction to the binding lawful consumer protection you are entitled to in accordance with the applicable legislation in your country.

8.2. We do not accept any unsolicited ideas or materials. We don’t take any responsibility for any potential likeness between CycleMasters Content and ideas and materials which are shared with CycleMasters.

8.3. Go to the ‘FAQ’ section on our website if you want to find out more about our features and services, or if you need help with your account (help.cyclemasters.com). Should there be a contradiction between these Terms and Conditions and information provided by our customer support or in other sections of our website, these Terms and Conditions would prevail.

8.4. When one or more stipulations of these Terms and Conditions are considered unlawful, invalid or non-enforceable, the legitimacy, validity and enforceability of the remaining stipulations remain in full force and effect.

8.5. From time to time, the Terms and Conditions are amended by CycleMasters. We will inform you a minimum of 30 days before any new conditions come into force.

8.6. All communication concerning your account (such as billing, notifications, confirmation messages, password changes, and payment authorisations) will be sent exclusively in digital form, for example, via email to the email address known by us.

8.7. Dutch law is applicable to every agreement between CycleMasters and you.

8.8. All disputes which arise between parties are exclusively tried by a qualified Dutch judge whose judicial district covers the place of business of CycleMasters.