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Meet… Sanne Eversdijk

Sanne Eversdijk

Prepare yourself for lessons from our new coach, Sanne Eversdijk! This enthusiastic native of Zeeland has a voice that can be heard from miles away, making her perfect for her CycleMasters classes. It’s time to get to know her better.

From Hobby to Profession: Sanne’s Journey to Becoming a Fitness Instructor

When you think of fitness, you think of Sanne. This 29-year-old blonde left Goes for Utrecht and began working in a gym while studying. She transformed her fitness hobby into a profession, teaching Indoor Cycling for eight years. She also serves as a manager at De Workout, the gym where she started her career. CycleMasters came into her life unexpectedly. Sanne says, “I saw the enthusiastic instructors and the amazing classes, and I thought to myself, this is where I want to be!” And so it happened. Sanne has recently become a proud member of the CycleMasters team and has already recorded her first sessions.

A Passion for Teaching

Sanne is an energetic jack-of-all-trades, and teaching is a significant part of her life. “Teaching is my true passion, and it’s something I can’t go without in my daily life. I love showing people that sports can be fun!” Sanne believes that when you find a sport that suits you, exercising becomes much easier to stick with. Guiding individuals through this process and witnessing their progress each week is what she loves the most.

The Power of Indoor Cycling

Sanne absolutely loves the Power Cycling classes she teaches. Power cycling is a dynamic and intense form of indoor cycling that pushes your limits and takes your fitness to new heights. In power cycling classes, the focus is on generating maximum power and building strength through a combination of high-intensity intervals, resistance training, and strategic pedal strokes. These classes are designed to challenge both your cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, helping you improve your overall fitness and performance.

With motivating instructors like Sanne, and energizing music, power cycling provides a thrilling and empowering workout experience that leaves you feeling accomplished and exhilarated. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or new to indoor cycling, power cycling classes offer an effective and exhilarating way to boost your fitness levels and achieve your goals.

Instructrice Sanne Eversdijk
Sanne Eversdijk

Love for Sports, Food and Music

Working out is not only fun for Sanne; it’s also a way for her to enjoy herself. “I’m always up for a drink or a bite to eat outdoors. I draw energy from the people around me and love meeting new individuals.” Sanne’s guilty pleasure? She’s addicted to protein bars! She indulges in at least one every day, sometimes even two. Fortunately, her love for Indoor Cycling helps her burn off those extra calories. “All my spin tracks are my favourite style of music. I fall in love with a beat, and then I have to ‘Shazam’ it. That’s how I spend my entire week, waving my phone in front of the speaker!”

Sanne Eversdijk: Where Sports meets Celebration

Sanne’s tip for Indoor Cycling: “Find the class that suits you! It can be different every day. Pay close attention to your body and your mood. This will ensure that you maintain your energy and that each class feels like a celebration.” And it’s a fact that Sanne’s workouts are indeed a celebration. With lively beats, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in her class. “I believe exercise is effective when it keeps you coming back. Together, we’ll make sure of that!”

Explore Sanne’s workouts

Sanne Eversdijk teaches both Studio Rides and Scenic Rides. She gets on her bike and instructs with dedication. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and after just one session, you’ll feel like you’ve known her and followed her for years. Initially, her workouts were in Dutch, but due to her experience teaching in English, her videos are now available in English as well. The English-language content has been received with the same enthusiasm as the Dutch lessons. We highly recommend trying one of Sanne’s classes.

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