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Indoor Cycling at Home: Benefits and Preferences

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Did you know that you can easily start Indoor Cycling at home? CycleMasters provides the workouts you are looking for. We explain the benefits of online workouts, what you need and what types of apps there are.

Indoor Cycling at home

Group Lessons vs. Exercising at Home: Your Preference Matters

Indoor Cycling is often introduced in the gym through group classes. Sweating together in a room filled with bicycles or participating in such workouts can be an inspiring experience. However, there’s another option – exercising at home with the help of an app. Let’s explore the pros and cons.

Benefits of home exercise

  1. Exercise whenever you want – no more opening or closing times.
  2. No need to go outside in poor weather conditions.
  3. Low threshold for exercising at home.
  4. Enjoy exercising at your own pace with the support of a digital instructor.
  5. No more waiting for an available exercise bike at the gym.
  6. Home workouts are more hygienic as you can use your own equipment.

Disadvantages of exercising at home

  1. You’ll need your own Indoor Cycling bike.
  2. A reliable Internet connection is essential.
  3. Missing out on the social aspect of going to the gym.

When to exercise at home?

There are numerous factors that may lead someone to switch to home exercise. One significant reason is the vast array of exercise options that have become available in recent years, enabling individuals to select a workout that caters to their specific needs. If you have a family or a hectic schedule that leaves little time for the gym, exercising at home can save you considerable amounts of money. Plus, you can opt for a workout session after tucking the children into bed, or when stuck in-between work assignments.

Unlike gyms, where you may have to wait for (virtual) classes to conclude, you can commence a home workout whenever it suits you best. Furthermore, our members often claim that exercise at home clears their minds and lets them focus solely on the workout without any distractions.

Couple working out with CycleMasters at home

Getting started with online Indoor Cycling at home. What do you need to get started?

To begin your Indoor Cycling journey at home, you’ll need a few essential elements:

  1. Indoor Cycling bike: Find the right one for your needs.
  2. Proper cycling shoes.
  3. Comfortable fitness wear.

Interested in joining the CycleMasters workouts? Ensure you have the following:

  1. A reliable Internet connection near your bike.
  2. An Indoor Cycling app or an account on the website.

Purchase of an Indoor Cycling bike

To engage in Indoor Cycling at home, you’ll need a bike. Consider an entry-level or second-hand option if you’re new to cycling or want to save money. Online marketplaces often have excellent bikes available. When purchasing, pay attention to features like the resistance system, type of pedals, weight of the flywheel, and adjustability of the saddle and handlebars.

Choosing the right home workout

An Indoor Cycling app makes home exercise convenient. There are various apps to choose from, including both free and paid options. While free apps and YouTube videos exist, they may lack quality or contain advertising. Paid apps often deliver high-quality content from professional instructors, frequently updated for consistent excellence.

For more information about finding the right Indoor Cycling app, please go here.

Home exercise workout schedule

Home exercise requires discipline, but a well-structured workout schedule can help. Plan your workouts in advance, aiming for 2–3 sessions per week. Although you have the flexibility to exercise anytime, sticking to a schedule helps establish a routine. Consider incorporating Core training or Yoga sessions between your Indoor Cycling workouts for a balanced routine.

Not sure which workout to follow? CycleMasters offers various workout programs that can help you get started with Indoor Cycling at home.

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