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The Inspirational Journey of Harry French

CycleMasters instructor Harry French giving spinning lessons

Welcome to the exciting journey of Harry French, a passionate individual who found his true calling in the world of fitness. In this blog post, we will explore Harry French his early years, his struggles, and how he ultimately discovered his love for indoor cycling. Join us as we delve into Harry’s remarkable story and witness the transformative power of perseverance and self-discovery.

The Early Years

Exercise has always been a part of Harry’s family, with field hockey being the sport of choice. However, from a young age, Harry felt like an outsider on the field, preferring to draw pictures in the sand instead of playing hockey.

Harry French mentions: ‘Whilst I enjoyed surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, swimming, and coast steering in my youth, I never associated these with being athletic because they were always a part of our holidays. I dabbled in after school sports here and there, and even played as prop on my high school rugby team for six months before quitting halfway through a match. ‘He’s more suited to drama club’, people said, including me, and that is where I have spent the rest of my teenage years. Nobody guessed that I would be the only family member to pursue a career in fitness.’

The Troubled Years

At the age of eighteen, Harry faced numerous challenges, including his parents’ divorce, regrettable tattoos, and weight gain. After spending eighteen months away from England, Harry decided to return home. ‘From a tiny guest house in the north of the Philippines, having been away from England for eighteen months, I booked a flight home. I boarded twelve hours later and only informed my mum via text whilst sitting in the departure lounge. Once I convinced my family I was not the victim of a cartel smuggling scheme, they were excited to have me back.’

Harry French Indoor Cycling

The Better Years

Back on home soil, Harry joined a local gym. Although he initially felt apprehensive about the weights section, he found solace in a variety of exercise classes alongside enthusiastic mothers who had just dropped off their children at school. Harry: ‘I was welcomed and appreciated in a fitness space for the first time in my life, and within a few months, I lost weight and gained confidence. Looking back on that gym, those classes, the teachers, and my fellow participants, I feel great joy.’

When Harry moved to the Netherlands in 2015, he continued attending exercise classes, sticking to what he knew. Intrigued by indoor cycling, he started attending two classes per week and soon discovered a newfound passion. In 2018, a Tinder date led him to a luxury indoor cycling studio, where the owner recognized his potential. Although the Tinder relationship was short-lived, Harry is forever grateful for the role it played in his career.

The first year of Indoor Cycling

Entering the world of indoor cycling brought Harry a sense of purpose like never before. ‘In the first few months of teaching Indoor Cycling, I had a new sense of purpose. I was powerful, I was motivational, and I was a leader. Moreover, people came to be taught by me. Indoor cycling made me proud of myself in ways no other sport had before. Gratification and belonging. Those words explain a lot.’

The Last Year

When the pandemic struck and brought the fitness industry to a standstill, Harry faced uncertainty. However, he refused to let these challenging times hinder his career and financial stability. In February 2021, he decided to take matters into his own hands. By March, he was recording his first online indoor cycling classes with CycleMasters. Harry’s resilience and adaptability allowed him to navigate through adversity and continue pursuing his passion. ‘Although he may not know how to play field hockey, he has learned to return life’s curveballs with determination and grace.’So, whilst I still don’t know how to play field hockey, I do know how to return a curveball (that’s a baseball reference, by the way, maybe tennis too).’

‘I often reflect on how honored I am to work with all the studios and businesses I do because fitness is more than my job – it was my recovery and remains my passion. I live and breathe it. With every indoor cycling class I teach, my skills grow, and my love strengthens. It runs in my blood, faster and faster each day.’

Harry French

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