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Find the right Indoor Cycling app for you

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Are you looking for an Indoor Cycling app? Then read all the ins and outs here!

Indoor Cycling is hot! For a High Energy Studio Ride you can visit a Boutique Cycling studio in one of the big cities and if you want to combine your workout with strength training you can then follow a cycling workout at a gym. But what if you want to save time or don’t want to be tied to a schedule or a group lesson? Then there are also plenty of Indoor Cycling apps that can help you exercise at home.

Exercise at home with an app

When you have made the decision to do Indoor Cycling workouts at home, you can start straight away as soon as you’ve got a good exercise bike. Are you good at motivating yourself? Open up a Spotify list and let the music carry you away. Do you find this difficult? Would you like to have the professional guidance of a gym in your own home? Then an Indoor Cycling app is a great idea. But what is a good app that suits you? And what is the difference between Indoor Cycling and Cycling Indoors? We have outlined the most well-known apps below and explained the difference between them.

man pedalling on the pedal of his Indoor Cycling bike, following workouts via an Indoor Cycling app

Indoor Cycling or Cycling Indoors

Indoor Cycling is officially a cardio workout that has its roots in fitness. These workouts are made up of a series of exercises performed to music on a stationary bike. Exercises involving standing up or sitting down are alternated, whereby the level of resistance is stepped up or lowered. You often do these kinds of workouts together with an instructor who tells you exactly what to do.

The types of workouts are sometimes confused with the workouts offered by providers such as Zwift or Rouvy. However, these kind of workouts serve more as supplemental training for cyclists and are more focused on endurance. You will hardly find any Indoor Cycling exercises in these, if at all. Do you have an exercise bike at home and are you looking for workouts that focus on endurance and match your outdoor cycling performance? Then these are apps that you can try out to your heart’s content.

Indoor Cycling workouts in multiple languages?

Are you looking for indoor cycling workouts in Dutch or English? Then you can turn to CycleMasters. With weekly new releases and an extensive team of instructors, you will always be able to find a workout that suits you. You can choose from a range of studio workouts for a studio feel, but the most popular classes are the Scenic Rides, where you follow a route somewhere in Europe together with the instructor. Feel like alternating your workouts with relaxing yoga sessions? Then you can. Core workouts will also be added over the course of 2022. The app is available for iOS and also for Android smartphones via Google Play.

spinning app

Training with statistics

In addition to Indoor Cycling apps, you also have sports apps that allow you to compile data and statistics. Do you prefer to train using data such as heart rate zones and burned calories? Are you good at motivating yourself to get going? Then training with a so-called activity tracker or smartwatch from a brand such as Polar may already be enough for you. Using an app that tracks your data is recommended, if you are training with a specific goal in mind. By keeping track of your progress over a longer period of time, you will be able to see the progress sooner, which in turn is good for your motivation.

One app that you could use for this is, for example is Spinning® Connect. With Spinning® Connect, you register your workouts via a speed sensor, heart rate sensor and/or a cadence sensor that you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. That way, you are continually kept informed of your achievements. Of course, other apps can also do this, linked to activity trackers such as Fitbit or a smartwatch like the one from Apple.

Exercising together

Do you still want to keep track of your achievements and share them with others, even though you are exercising at home? Then Strava is the app for you. Join one or more of the groups and save all your activities in the Strava Community. Motivate your exercise buddies with Kudos and take part in challenges that are organized within the groups.

Phone with the Strava app

Indoor Cycling workouts via Youtube

To get to know Indoor Cycling, YouTube is, of course, an ideal place to search for workouts. During the lockdowns of recent years, gyms added loads of workouts so that members could continue to exercise at home. So there is plenty of content from professional indoor cycling trainers out there. These will probably not provide a truly memorable experience. Very often, the images and sound are not very good quality, and you have to bear in mind that there are commercials between the lessons. However, for those first metres on your bike, they are worth a try.

A free or a paid app?

As already mentioned, there are plenty of ways to follow Indoor Cycling lessons at home. Spotify, Youtube, it’s definitely possible to follow free lessons. That said, a lot depends on your own motivation and experience. Not sure if you want to use a paid app? These apps often allow you to start a trial period to see if the lessons are right for you. The advantage of an app is that you don’t have to think about a workout and you have a wide choice of workouts and trainers. The workouts are often well-crafted and you can also expect more in terms of the quality of the videos. In addition, new workouts are regularly added to the apps, so you will never get bored.

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