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Why CycleMasters?

Indoor Cycling, Strength& Yoga Workouts

The collection of workouts is diverse and updated weekly. With a combination of Cycling, Strength workouts, and Stretch & Relax sessions, this is the only membership you need to exercise at home.

The #1 Fitness appfor home use

You no longer need to go to the gym for the best fitness exercises. You can also get started at home with fun Indoor Cycling workouts and strength training. Use our app on your tablet or mobile, or start your workouts via our website.

Get FitWith The Best coaches

You don’t have to do it alone. Our coaches will help you stay motivated. Each coach has their own teaching style, which provides plenty of variety. Since the workouts are given in Dutch and English, you’ll know exactly what is expected of you.

Workouts You Will Love

Indoor Cycling is not without reason one of the most popular classes in the fitness club. In a short time, you work on goals like losing weight, building fitness, and strengthening your muscles. The combination of enthusiastic coaches, beautiful backgrounds, and uplifting music ensures that you step off your bike feeling satisfied.

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What Our Members Say

  • Joe Ferris
    a month ago
    As a former indoor cycling instructor myself I had been searching for online app/content so that I could do my own workouts from home. I found the CycleMasters app really easy to use and the instructors are very good. I love the variety of different workouts especially the scenic rides which was something I hadn’t done before. I’ve even tried some yoga which is available also. Overall I’d...
  • Peter Krijger
    4 months ago
    I'm very happy with the CycleMasters application. Use it now 10 days and provide me great exercises from beginners to well trained. The classes are well set-up and the trainers do a great job during the classes. It is easy to follow the exercises.Will continue to use it and recommend to others.
  • Vipavinee Artpradid
    4 months ago
    I'd been indoor cycling at home for a couple of years and was looking for reasonably priced app-based classes that combined scenic rides with instructor guidance. I discovered Cyclemasters - the ideal combination! I will upgrade to premium members when the membership on my other app runs out. Combined with the strength, yoga, and studio based classes that are now offered, Cyclemasters is the only...
  • Paul Buchanan
    4 months ago
    Got the app as a present . Really enjoying the professionally structured and varied sessions and individual styles of the coaches . Really motivating me to use the bike and can see my fitness improving and love the scenic rides and the simplicity of how the coaches take us on the breathtaking and challenging routes. Highly recommended app.
  • Antony Phoenix
    3 months ago
    After a break of a few years from Spinning,I decided it was time to take it up again. Who better to use than CycleMasters. I thought it was a top service before but its even better now and the technical help is 2nd to none.

    4.7 out of 5 stars

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have questions? We have the answers

    What is Indoor Cycling?

    Indoor Cycling is a cardio workout performed on a stationary bike, an Indoor Cycling bike. Through standing and sitting exercises, you not only improve your fitness but also burn calories and significantly strengthen your muscles.

    Is Indoor Cycling the same as Spinning®?

    In both fitness forms, you ride an Indoor Cycling bike and perform the same standing and sitting exercises while adjusting the bike’s resistance. So, is Indoor Cycling the same as Spinning®? Spinning® is a registered trademark and therefore should not be used to describe the workouts offered by CycleMasters. However, both fall under Indoor Cycling.

    What are the benefits of Indoor Cycling?

    Indoor Cycling is seen as a total body workout, engaging your entire body. It is a simple form of fitness that is easy to master. Additionally, it has a low impact on your joints, making it suitable for everyone. Finally, you can adjust the intensity of the workouts by increasing or decreasing the resistance, making it as challenging as you want.

    Who is CycleMasters suitable for?

    Because the fitness exercises can be adapted to any level, CycleMasters is accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking for a supplement to your outdoor training or have never attended an Indoor Cycling class. Whether you are seeking a low impact workout or want to do intense workouts at home. You can get started with CycleMasters. And with additional categories like Strength workouts and Stretch & Relax sessions, you’ll find all your training needs in one app.

    In which languages does CycleMasters offer workouts?

    In our range, you will find workouts available in Dutch, English, and French. The Dutch and English workouts are expanded regularly. CycleMasters is originally a Dutch company with its roots in Bleiswijk. Our instructors are mainly from the Netherlands.

    What do I need to get started?

    To get started, you need an Indoor Cycling bike, a device to play the workouts on, and an internet connection. At CycleMasters, you can opt for a bike+ membership, where you get a bike and membership at an affordable monthly rate (coming soon), or take a look in our webshop for other suitable bikes.

    On which devices can I play the workouts?

    You can play the workouts through our app on iPhone & iPad and Android phone & tablet. If you want to cast the workouts to a TV, we recommend using a Chromecast to make optimal use of the features our app offers. If you want to play the classes via desktop or laptop, this can also be done through our web solution.

    Get fit & Stay motivated

    We regularly add new workouts to our collection, so there’s always a new workout that suits you. Work on your endurance with cycling, improve your muscle strength with strength training, and relax with a stretch or yoga session for effective recovery.

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