Terms and Conditions Referral Program

1. Existing CycleMasters members (referring members) can use the CycleMasters Referral Program to refer a known person who has not previously had a CycleMasters membership (referred contact).


2. With each successful referral, the Referring Member and/or the Referred Member can earn a digital credit that he or she can use for a CycleMasters membership (‘Reward’). On the referral page (for referring members) and/or the invitation for the referral (for the referred contact), the amount of the credit is mentioned. When the Referred Contact registers with CycleMasters via the referral link sent by the Referred Member during one browser session and then makes its first payment after the free trial period, the referral is considered successful. Rewards cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash or cash equivalents, including, without limitation, gift certificates or refunds. There is a limit of seven (7) successful referrals per calendar year.


3. The CycleMasters referral program is intended for personal/noncommercial use only. It is only permitted to send the referral link to personal contacts and is therefore not intended for general use. It is expressly forbidden to send unwanted and multiple referral links (‘spam’) or to approach potential (re)referral contacts through ‘search engine marketing’, other advertising channels or by building websites that generate traffic to the referral link.


4. CycleMaster reserves the right to exclude members and withdraw rewards obtained through fraud or abuse of the referral program or otherwise in violation of these Terms and Conditions.


5. CycleMasters also reserves the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, to cancel this referral program or change the terms and conditions of participation in this referral program. Earlier Rewards will continue to be paid when CycleMasters cancels the referral program.