Sanne Eversdijk

Sanne Eversdijk

Sanne Eversdijk breaths fitness

The 29-year-old bubbly blond left Goes for the city of Utrecht and started working in the gym alongside her studies. Her hobby has become her work: she has been teaching Indoor Cycling for 8 years and also works as a clubmanager at ‘De Work Out’, where she started her career. This energetic jack-of-all-trades has a passion for teaching and exercising, but as she says, she also loves food and going out for dinner or lunch. Her guilty pleasure is protein bars! Because of her enthusiasm, Sanne can be heard coming from miles away, and let that be ideal for her CycleMasters lessons…

Why would you choose Sanne’s classes?

“I turn every workout into a party! I love to let people experience that exercise can be fun and it makes me very happy if you keep coming back. That is what we are aiming for together!

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