Pauline van Mourik


Pauline van Mourik once asked herself the question, “What does the most beautiful version of my life look like? Since then she has been working hard to realize her personal goals and dreams. With the yoga classes that she has put together for CycleMasters, she hopes to give you peace of mind as well. With Indoor Cycling you mainly train on strength, endurance, and perseverance. With Pauline’s yoga classes you can add control, relaxation, and flexibility to that list. At the same time, the workouts are great for staying in motion at home in a different way besides cycling.

Pauline started with yoga because she experienced a lot of tension and stiffness in her body. Fitness alone did not help sufficiently and after an introduction to yoga, she noticed that it did her body good. Pauline now owns her own yoga studio and retreat location and shares her knowledge with others.

Pauline’s life motto is “I’ve never done it, so I think I can do it! We’re sure this applies to you also!

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