Mehdi Lahrizi


Mehdi Lahrizi A.K.A The Tsunami man is a focused whirlwind of energy! His classes have been highly rated by experienced athletes and his enthusiasm is almost tangible! Mehdi motivates with unbridled enthusiasm and clearly adores his job!

Mehdi is always happy, enthusiastic, a little crazy, and full of energy. When he’s not filming lessons, Mehdi is a physical education teacher in high school and university in Liege. He is also very busy working in his own company M-Boost. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys going to the cinema, and Karate is also a passion of his. Mehdi loves healthy food and supplements, everything to stay top fit. The one thing Mehdi can’t get enough off, his mothers’ couscous. What does Mehdi do to relax? He sleeps…who can blame him, being so busy!
Why choose Mehdi’s lessons?

“If you want a fun work-out, filled with lots of energy and passion, choose one of my lessons, we will Go Go Go!”

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