Floor Buikema


Most of the time, you can find Floor Buikema either in Groningen or in Amsterdam. Living in one city, and working in the other, Floor travels a lot between the two cities. Our spontaneous, enthusiastic, energetic, fun loving, bit of a control freak trainer, loves the energy and the feeling she gets from the classes she teaches. As a group lesson instructor, a Master Trainer for Jumping Fitness and as a self-employed instructor she teaches Indoor Cycling, HIIT-training and BodyPump. When she’s not travelling or working, our sweet-natured instructor loves Disney, City Trips and the well known Dutch “broodje kroket”.

Why choose Floors’ lesson?

“With my enthusiasm for teaching, I will make sure you get the most out of your training, that you will enjoy the lesson and that you will challenge yourself to go to a higher level.”




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