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Yoga and Indoor Cycling: why is it an excellent combination?

Yoga and indoor cycling

Yoga and Indoor Cycling: an excellent combination? When you’re used to working up a sweat on your indoor bike several times a week, it may feel somewhat unnatural to move your workout to the floor. However, Yoga as a supplement to your indoor cycling training is not a bad idea at all. It will bring many benefits during your time on the bike.

What is Yoga?

To understand what Yoga can do for you, you must first know what Yoga is exactly. The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit and means ‘Connection’; referring to the connection between body and mind. In the Western world, Yoga is often considered a series of exercises that bring balance to the human body. However, going back to ancient times, Yoga is also a philosophy. It is a way of life that is about connection and balance in order to create a natural state of being. Although this may sound overly spiritual and vague to many, it is anything but. Especially when you are busy, working a lot and leading an active life, Yoga can give you the focus you need. A balance from which energy, positivity and relaxation arise. This is the point where Yoga and Indoor Cycling meet.

Yoga and Indoor Cycling

An indoor cycling workout focuses on action, endurance and strength. Yoga, on the other hand, is more about relaxation, breathing and flexibility. In order to train effectively on your Indoor Bicycle, it is important that you develop a strong body and a strong core. With Yoga, you not only train your core, but also put your whole body to work. Indeed, Yoga is a full-body workout. It is a shame that Yoga sessions are sometimes thought of as nothing more than stretching exercises. A Yoga session entails much more. Consider the many benefits when doing a cardio interval or endurance workout. By taking Yoga classes, you can better control your breathing during these workouts. You will also notice that you will sit more firmly on your bike and it will take less effort to keep your core firm and strong.

What types of yoga classes can you participate in at CycleMasters?

Although Yoga can be considered a form of stretching, it is not the same. Yoga is much more than tensing your muscles. Yoga also includes elements such as flowing movements, breathing, relaxation and meditation. The lessons that Pauline van Mourik has developed for CycleMasters mainly incorporate postures and movements from Hatha and Flow (Vinyasa) Yoga:

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is known as the basis from which various forms of Yoga originated. In Hatha Yoga, postures are often held for a number of breaths. With this type of Yoga, you develop flexibility and strength. You optimise your breathing, which allows you to develop a better focus and get more energy. In Hatha Yoga, you give your mind time to relax. This gives you more space to listen to your intuition and creativity. Because you will be consciously focused on the here and now, you will create a greater sense of awareness. With Yoga, will lay the foundation for living your life as consciously as possible.

What is Flow Yoga?

Hatha Yoga was previously described as a dynamic form of Yoga. However, with the advent of forms such as Flow Yoga, Hatha is now considered one of the calmer forms. Flow Yoga is considered a more physical form of Yoga, which merges movements with breaths. This way you will develop your muscles in a calm and controlled manner, which will make you stronger. In addition, you will increase the flexibility of the entire muscle system. Your posture will improve while your mind calms down, significantly reducing your stress levels.

How can you best incorporate yoga into your workout schedule?

After your cycling workout you can start a Yoga session. It is especially pleasant to do Yoga when you are already warm, which is why you will find a number of short Yoga classes in the workout overview that have been specially developed. This allows you to convert the built-up tension and warmth into flexibility and relaxation during the yoga class, combining Yoga and Indoor Cycling to create a fully-fledged workout.

Yoga and Indoor Cycling Pauline

Balance between tension and relaxation

You can also choose to alternate an active workout with a yoga class to increase the balance between tension and relaxation. The differences between Yoga and Indoor Cycling can reinforce each other in this way. For example, by following two active workouts per week and one relaxing yoga class. Everyone has a different way of scheduling their workout. Moreover, for some people a certain Yoga class may be very relaxing, whereas others may experience tension and stiffness during the same lesson. Every body is different and requires a unique approach. Always try to find what works best for you.

For who are these lessons suitable?

Hatha and Flow Yoga are both accessible to all ages and experience levels. In case you’re just starting out, you can start with the beginner lessons, but generally speaking all lessons are suitable for everyone. Always listen to your own body. If you don’t feel well, change your posture or skip a session. Always take a break in case of pain, and also pay attention if you’re experiencing a migraine, hernia, joint problems, high blood pressure, heart problems or shifted vertebrae. Always consult with a doctor whether it is wise to practice Yoga in these cases.


Are you pregnant? It’s okay to combine Yoga and Indoor Cycling during your pregnancy, but always remain careful. It is also okay to participate in individual Yoga classes, but be careful with twist poses and inverted poses. Get a sense of what your body limits are. Be careful with breathing exercises and don’t hold your breath. You may also make your Indoor Cycling lessons less intensive by cycling for a shorter period of time or by lowering the intensity of the lessons.

How are the lessons structured?

Are you starting Yoga for the first time? Then we offer 6 lessons of 50 minutes for beginners, with which you can master the basic principles of Yoga. Furthermore, the workout overview contains six 20-minute lessons, which are ideal after your cycling workout. Finally, with our themed lessons, we focus on specific goals or moments. For example, think of a recovery class, a relaxation class or a class focused on flexibility. There are also morning or evening classes, or classes specifically aimed at back, neck and shoulder exercises.

Yoga at CycleMasters

A combination of Yoga and Indoor Cycling lessons can now be followed at CycleMasters. The Yoga lessons are taught by Pauline van Mourik. Pauline is founder of her own Yoga Studio Kokos and supervises various sessions here, including the different Yoga forms.

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