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Working out at home: a godsend for Jorg

Making exercise a regular part of your schedule can be difficult when you want to combine work with your family. But if you also work irregular hours, it can be even more of a challenge to get on the Indoor Cycling bike at set times. For Jorg Bauw (40 years old), working out at home proved to be a great solution next to his job as a police officer. ‘Thanks to CycleMasters I train 3 to 4 times a week.’

Working out at home: being able to exercise 24/7

Because of Jorg’s irregular shifts, it was sometimes difficult for him to exercise: ‘That’s why I was a member of a gym that was open 24/7. That was ideal to combine with my work, and it’s also where I came across CycleMasters’. Jorg started following the workouts almost 10 years ago. At the time, it was still under the name of ClubVirtual, but his first introduction to indoor cycling was in the group classes at the gym.

Looking for a Indoor Cycling bike

Because of the pressure and irregularities at Jorg’s work and the arrival of his little daughter, the choice to start exercising at home was quickly made. Jorg: I had a spare room in my house and I turned it into an exercise room. I was looking for a good quality Indoor Cycling bike for my home and I searched several websites. Until I saw the review by Evert at CycleMasters about the Fitbike Magnetic Pro; this was the deciding factor for me to buy it. I purchased it through BeterSport and automatically got a CycleMasters trial period with it. A great way to see if following the classes at home would also be a success.

Service oriented

Jorg is very satisfied with his bike and the service: ‘I have good experiences with the Fitbike Magnetic Pro. In the rare event that something was broken, it was replaced the next day. I also like the drive system and the bike is virtually silent. My experience with CycleMasters is also very positive, otherwise I would never have lasted 10 years! I especially like Evert’s teaching, he can convey his enthusiasm very well. Sometimes I feel like he’s right next to me while riding my bike!’

Improve fitness

The reason for Jorg to follow Indoor Cycling classes is mainly to maintain his fitness and to strengthen his muscles. Not only the muscles in his legs, but his core strengthened also noticeably. This is also very useful for his work: ‘At first I had a lot of trouble with my lower back, but since I started cycling, it has completely disappeared. You train the whole body this way!’

working out at home
Jorg Bauw

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