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What to keep in mind when you start exercising again

Vrouw rust na het sporten

Has your discipline been lacking a bit during the summer months? And after every summer, do you also resolve to really start exercising to lose those extra pounds? You’re not alone… Do you want to know what to keep in mind when you start exercising again after a long time? We’ll help you on your way with some tips!

Start exercising at the beginning

If you haven’t done any sports for a long time, you may be waiting for a good time to start. But there’s never really a good time. You can always think of something that makes it not so convenient at that time. The trick is to start doing a sport that you like, only then you will keep at it.

You also want to create the right mindset, if necessary with external help: a friend, your partner, family or a community. Find someone who can inspire you. Express your needs and consider what your pitfalls are. The moment you start doesn’t matter. Instead, look ahead to the rewards you will get from exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good, confident, fulfilled, proud and positive energy. And, in the long run, don’t forget that divine body!

It is important to start slowly. Build up your workouts slowly and make sure you get enough rest. Preferably plan a day rest between your training days and sleep 7-8 hours per night. This way you give your muscles the chance to recover and prevent injuries.

Is Indoor Cycling right for you?

Indoor Cycling is a great way to train at your own level. If you can ride a bike, you can join in. Each exercise in a class can be made easier or harder for yourself by adjusting the resistance. This does not always mean that more resistance is also heavier. When cycling at double speed in a standing position, too little resistance is actually harder, because you have to hold back more with your legs. You can also decide for yourself whether to sit down during a standing climbing exercise or to reduce your resistance for a moment and stand up straight. Plenty of options to scale a workout to your own level.

Another advantage of Indoor Cycling is that cycling is not very hard on your joints. Especially when you compare it to other cardio sports. Your hips and knees will thank you for choosing the Indoor Cycling bike. Again, a slow build-up is important. Start with 20-minute classes. Then build up to 30, 45, 60 and maybe even 90 minutes. You will notice that you make progress quickly! We explain other advantages here.

How do you prevent injuries?

It sounds logical and simple; by not getting ahead of yourself. It’s best to keep that up for a few weeks. Even when you think you can do more. It’s better to build up a little too slowly than too quickly. If you get an injury or strain your muscles, it can be a long time before you can start again and you have to start all over again. Give your joints, tendons and muscles time to get used to the movement and the load. Always make sure you warm up properly and don’t forget to cool down!

Tips from trainers

We asked trainers Jochem ten Böhmer and Evert van der Zee if they have any useful tips for beginning athletes.

Jochem: ‘When you start, everyone has a long-term goal in mind. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but make sure you break it down into smaller achievable sub-goals. Celebrate your successes. Be proud of what you do. Don’t let your feelings depend on those few things you think are not going so well. Write down your successes and put them up on the wall in a place you walk by often. That helps you focus to keep improving yourself!’

Evert: ‘Listen to your body. If you feel really tired, make sure you rest. But don’t confuse this with a lack of motivation or mental fatigue from a long day of work. Exercise can also actually help you get out of this kind of fatigue. Sports sessions don’t always have to be long, 15-30 minutes can be enough to get you feeling good again.

Don’t let all those athletes/influencers on social media drive you crazy with the most beautiful pictures. Really try to follow your own path. Everyone started as a newbie at some point!’

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