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Latin vibes in the studio: introducing Camila Arreaga!

Camila Arreaga

Camila is the embodiment of fitness, energy and perseverance. The Guatemalan-born brunette made Indoor Cycling a part of her career. She has recently joined our CycleMasters team and we are so excited to have her on board!

The discovery of a passion

Camila Arreaga de Leon is no stranger to the fitness world. Yet fitness wans’t always her number one passion. The 28-year-old used to be a dancer and acrobat, until an injury forced her to stop. During her recovery process she discovered fitness, which really suited her. Ever since her first introduction to the sport, she can’t live without it. She turned her passion into her career and now she combines indoor cycling with her work as a sexuality and sensuality coach.

The motivation to move

At CycleMasters, Camila aims to motivate members to exercise. “I enjoy seeing how people’s energy changes during a class. How they disconnect from their minds and connect with their bodies instead, welcoming new energy. I love to see that.” Camila pours her heart into every class and inspires members to move, sweat and to try, so that at the end of the class they feel like they got something out of the time they invested on the bike. 

Working hard to achieve your goals

The energetic, empathetic and passionate instructor gets a lot of joy out of her workouts. She got her motto from her father: “Pain is temporary, and quitting is forever.” “When I train, I remind myself of this motto. In pain there is change and effort, eventually pain is going to get you where you want to go. You don’t get that from anything else.” You could describe Camila as quirky and a bit clumsy at times. “Not pronouncing my words correctly during a class or stumbling in front of a group of people with a pair of dumbbells in my hands… That’s happened on more than one occasion!”

Golden Indoor Cycling tip

Camila’s golden Indoor Cycling tip: “Dare to try. No matter where and how you start Indoor Cycling, whether you succeed or fail, try and try again. You can do it!” 

Camilla’s lessons can now be followed via our app.

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