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Achieving goals? This is how you do it!

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You want to start exercising more. That’s great! However, it can be hard at times to combine it with all the other things you ‘have to’ do. Your day is already filled with keeping up with your social contacts and caring for your family. Achieving goals and want to make sure you lose the pounds you want? How do you noticeably improve your fitness within a plausible time? Whatever goal you want to achieve, CycleMasters’ in-house psychologist Martijn Veltkamp shares his tips with you!

Achieving goals: what do you want to achieve?

We all know how it goes. Sports contribute to physical and mental health, but it’s often the first thing people drop when they have to make choices. It’s important to determine why you are doing it. It is very motivating to think about motivating goals at the beginning of a training programme, because this will ensure that you are training even more effectively. So ask yourself the question: What exactly do I want to achieve?

How do you make your training into a habit?

Suppose you want to start training twice a week and keep that up. Think about the days you want to exercise and at what time. Are you already very busy on Tuesdays with dropping off kids, late meetings or watching your favorite TV show? Then that might not be the most convenient day to schedule your workout. Have you found two times in your week? Then first look at what you’re currently doing at those times, and make sure you’re moving those activities around too. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Is your goal realistic?

Suppose you want to lose weight. Then exercise is always a good way to support this process. But if you want to lose weight successfully, it is important to set goals that are achievable and clear. For example, see how much you want to lose in four months. And make it realistic, so you don’t disappoint yourself. Also, make your goal concrete. How often are you going to cycle and what are you going to change in your diet to achieve your goal? This will also make it easier for you to determine later whether your approach has been successful or not.

Abandon resolutions or not?

The right way to ingrain your habit is to always remember why you are doing it. What do you really want to achieve? Are you doing well? Then reward yourself. For example, go to the cinema if you’ve been doing well for two months or make it social. Work out with friends or share your results on social media. You’ll find that many people sympathise with you and may also be inspired by you.

Even if you started enthusiastically, it could happen that you miss a training session. Many people are then tempted to start thinking negatively: See? I can’t do it. Never mind. This is called the ‘What the Hell’ effect. This does not help! Keep thinking about your goal: what do you ultimately want to achieve? Missing a class isn’t so bad, so long as you get back on the Indoor Cycling bike afterwards. Realise that no one is perfect, including you. Missed a class? So what! You won’t miss the next one, and you’re still going to achieve that goal!

If you have achieved your goal, you are not there yet!

There comes a time when you have achieved your goal. Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself. Not only did you persevere to the end, you but you also made a habit of exercising and gave yourself access to a healthy lifestyle. What now? Just keep doing what you were doing. So stick to the times you’ve scheduled for your workouts and set new goals. After all, you don’t want to start with the same goal again next year!

Are you excited to get started? We are happy to help you on your way! Are you still doubting the benefits of Indoor Cycling? Here are some of the benefits that will surely convince you to start. Good luck!

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